Mego Financial Corp. dba Leisure Industries- Chapter 11 (District of Nevada)

  • Financial Advisor to Trustee.
  • Analyze Financial Transactions ( “Deals”).
  • Determine Possible Causes of Action.
  • Make Presentations to Contingency Legal Counsel.
  • Retain Contingency Counsel.
  • Project Management Litigation.

Advanced Lighting Technologies, Inc. – Chapter 11 (Northern District-Illinois) 

  • Represented Official Equity Committee.
  • Substantial involvement in legal strategy.
  • Prepared Expert Report.

Wise Business Forms, Inc v EPX, Inc. et al (American Arbitration Association) 

  • Provided “real world” background for legal team.
  • Provided Expert Report.
  • Deposition Testimony.
  • Arbitration Testimony.

Advanced Lighting Technologies, Inc. v Rohm and Haas Company (No. 04A00022)

  • Retained by Jenner & Block LLP.
  • Provided “deal analysis” to clients and legal advisors.
  • Completed preliminary Expert Report.
  • Significant participation in settlement conference.

Schatzman v Pulmonary Prescription Providers, Inc. (03-21240 11th Circuit) 

  • Retained as Expert Witness